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New Zealand Ambassador

Esther Bunning

Esther’s portrait art is a study of the human individual layered with ethereal tones and delicate colour.

Expressive texture and motion are two of her trademarks. Esther’s growing reputation as the creator of imaginative work has radiated around New Zealand and beyond, resulting in many awards and she is a Grand Master of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography.

Esther has been working as a professional photographer for approximately twenty years, after a Taranaki childhood and an arts-rich education. She has been consistantly at the forefront of cutting edge imagery in New Zealand. Her focus on creative imagery embodies all ages, eras and icons, pushing the boundaries of traditional portraiture with a subtle and respectful style.

Most recently, Esther has interpreted fantastic personas adopted by adults, by using multiple exposure, innovative flash systems and other creative techniques. Frida Kahlo, Jesus Christ, a bevy of angels and others have found life through her lens.

Esther is based in South Wairarapa, 45 minutes from Wellington city.